Personalized AI First Lines For Your B2B Cold Email Campaigns.

Skyrocket your cold email response rate without spending hours or $400+ per campaign on first line personalization.

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Why aren't people replying to your cold emails?

Inboxes are crowded.

Your are not the only one trying to get their attention. Your prospects are overwhelmed with offers every day, and if yours can't stand out with personalization, you won't get the replies you want!

Un-personalized emails  don't stand a chance in this market

Doing this manually can cost you hours of your time

Other services do this for $100s we do it for $49

Volume > everything else.

If you're only sending out 300 emails every single month, how do you expect to scale? Forget about optimizing everything at the moment, if you have a good offer + personalization + volume you will pump those $$$.

It's impossible for you to fail if you simply send more

Other services do 300 emails for $49 we do 3000 for $49

How much is this REALLY costing YOU?

25% Less

Open Rates WITHOUT
Personalized First Lines

With our personalized first lines you can expect to almost double your open rates.

60% Less

Reply Rates WITHOUT
Personalized First Lines

While personalized first lines do affect the open rates they affect replies much more.

30% Decrease In Sales

Without personalized first lines your sales opportunities decrease by an estimated 30%!

Here's exactly how we help you get more replies at scale:

Step 1

Easily Upload and Map Your Fields

Start by easily dragging your CSV file to the box and map which fields contains your prospects LinkedIn.

We currently only allow you to map your prospects LinkedIn, we're currently working on news, websites, recent social activity etc...

We get things like bio, headline, title, education, location, achievements etc.. from your prospects LinkedIn

How many lines do you get? You get one first line for each prospect - so you can instantly use your list.

Step 2

Hit send! and we'll do all the work. Come back in ≈ 3 hr.

After you map the fields we'll get you data in the backend and generate your first lines typically within 3 hours for your 3000 lines.

We have a 85-90% success rate with generating first lines for your prospects

Will I have to double-check them? No, our first lines come ready straight out the box

What do you use to create the first lines? We use advanced Chat GPT prompts and processes to generate your first lines and clean them

But wait... what do our first lines look like?

Saw you on LinkedIn  and loved how Lofty is operationalizing data science for AEC, Ag, and Energy  industries.

Saw you on LinkedIn  and loved your passion for using digital technology to make a positive impact  on society.

I see that you  attended OSU - go Buckeyes! I know Jack Nicklaus was also a student there -  sounds like you're in good company!

Saw you on LinkedIn  and loved your passion for mentoring female entrepreneurs and promoting STEM  subjects. Impressive background in UX, product management, and web  development.

Saw you on LinkedIn  and loved your passion for mentoring female entrepreneurs and promoting STEM  subjects. Impressive background in UX, product management, and web  development.

I see that you  live in London. Heard a lot of good things about Golden Chippy - have you  ever tried it?

Saw you on Forbes  30 Under 30 and loved your innovative mission to digitize the physical world  for a more sustainable future.

Love the fact that  you help businesses transform and create new revenue streams through  Blulogix's billing solutions.

"Sounds great bro, how much does it cost?"

Pro Plan


> 3000 personalised first lines every single month
> Scrape Prospects LinkedIn Info
> $0.015 / first line
> Unlimited credit roll over (doesn't expire)
> Unlimited projects
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